Hi there!

I’m Kevin. I’m a marketer, maker, designer, and geek at heart.

At a young age, I was that kid who would excitedly return from school to watch a combination of Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel, and Jeopardy. I was always on the coattails of Carmen San Diego and eager find out where the Animaniacs would venture to next.

As I grew older, each week was marked by a trip to the local Blockbuster to rent some of the latest games for SNES. (I must have played them all at one point.) Any downtime was spent playing Sim after Sim game and fine-tuning Magic: The Gathering decks.

Fast forward to today, though some of this has changed, I still find myself attending numerous conventions a year and buying way too many tabletop games.

For the longest time, letting out my geekier side  was something akin to letting out a toot—never in public and only really around close friends who would otherwise similarly feel comfortable with it.

For the past few years, I’ve worked towards incorporating more of my geeky side into business and vice versa. This is where the concept of this podcast came from.

You can learn more about the podcast here, but essentially, I love talking with others about geeky things and business.

Why not combine the two?

Break Out Geek is that intersection of geek and professional life.

Inspired by the likes of Adam Savage, Pat Flynn, and Eric Siu, I aim to help improve the professional lives of others. I hope that as I explore and bring on guests who have taken their geeky passions to the next level that you will similarly learn and be inspired to follow your own dreams.

Ready to take on that quest together?

I’m fully stocked with potions.

Let’s go!