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Each week we bring on a fellow geek to discover how they managed to find success mixing their geeky and professional life. Host, Kevin Hamano explores how they got to where they are today along with the strategies they used in developing their passions.

Whether you're looking to start a more geeky career or business, Break Out Geek features the resources needed to help make that dream, a reality.

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My Story

M'athchomaroon! Kevin here. Break Out Geek is my journey into empowering fellow geeky people. Seeing a large divide between people like myself and the greater breadth of professional knowledge out there, I knew there was more than could be done to minimize the gap.

Using the powers of the Internet, I encounter successful movers and shakers who share their own struggles and victories—lessons that can allow us all to be better equipped to face the obstacles (and side quests) that lie ahead.

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